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  • Since Fall of 2015, children must be 5 by September 1 to enroll in kindergarten. This is a Michigan Department of Education law. Please see the St. Mary Kindergarten Entry Policy if your child turns 5 in September, October or November, and you are interested in enrolling in kindergarten.

  • We use iPads during our learning centers.

  • We wear uniforms to school, just like the “big kids”!

  • We typically start to attend weekly mass in October.

  • We go on fun field trips that enrich our curriculum.

  • We attend 6 “specials” classes each week: Music, Spanish, Computer, Art, Library and Physical Education.

A Typical Day in Kindergarten at St. Mary

Kindergarten students are active learners! We start the day with a morning meeting, built on a daily routine that teaches math, literacy, movement and listening and speaking skills. Through hands-on learning centers, our teachers are able to work with small groups of children, allowing for more individualized instruction. The St. Mary kindergarten program balances the academic knowledge that is foundational for future learning with the sensory and motor experiences that are so vital for a child’s development. The kindergarten students have recess and then eat lunch in the cafeteria. Some kindergarten friends will leave for the day, either before or just after lunch. Students who stay for the full day have a rest time and snack. The afternoon includes focused time for math instruction and free choice time.

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Kindergarten Highlights

Kindergarten Teachers

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Kara Hidlay

Kindergarten Teacher

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Kindergarten Teacher

Taylor Hoy

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