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We the community of St. Mary Catholic School will provide all children with a quality education in which they will come to know, love, and serve God.

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All Children

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We are a proud Catholic school, and part of being Catholic is being "universal" - we welcome all children into our school and we work to achieve the very best for every child at St. Mary!

Quality Education

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Our students are challenged academically each day in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. Over 50% of our teachers have Masters degrees and the small class sizes allow for individualized attention to be given to our students so that they can thrive academically.

Know God

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Every grade level is given the opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith at the appropriate level. 

Love God

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We encourage our students to go beyond the intellectual encounter with God and invite him to be apart of their daily lives - whether it's through daily prayer or our weekly school masses.

Serve God


We understand the importance of instilling a servant heart into our students, so we make sure to give them plenty of opportunities to serve each other and our local community!

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