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First Grade

A big difference in the transition to first grade from kindergarten is how students strengthen their reading and phonics skills. They start spelling tests for the first time. We use Lalilo, Myon, and Freckle for phonics, reading, and math homework and at school. In math, students move into more mental math, write out and visualize number sentences, and also use hands-on manipulatives. First grade is the first time students start doing morning prayer during the announcements and taking a turn hosting Mass. First graders work on becoming more independent and responsible.

A Typical Day in First Grade at St. Mary

First grade students have many opportunities to learn in different ways throughout the day. They practice skills in small groups, individually, and whole group.   Language Arts time include Secret Stories and relating them to their phonics and spelling work. We provide scaffolded writing instruction to have students write multiple complete sentences independently. Social Studies and Science are exciting opportunities to explore the world around us through books, technology, discussion, and hands-on experiments. Religion is integrated throughout our entire day, as well as during specific focus times each day.

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First Grade Highlights

First Grade Teachers

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Megan McIntyre

First Grade Teacher

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Jasmine Dorflinger

First Grade Teacher

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