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Welcome .
I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer. I for one can not wait to get this school year started.
In 4th Grade we will be exploring how Energy moves. We will first look at what energy is and end the year looking how energy moves through an ecosystem
In 5th Grade we will looking into what is Matter. We also will introduce concepts we will be working on in 6th grade, Earth and Space Science.  
In 6th we will be working on Earth Space Science. Delving into the 4 Spheres of the Earth,(Atmosphere, Biosphere, Geosphere, and the Hydrosphere) with hands-on labs
In 7th and 8th Grade we will be exploring Life Science. We will explore many exciting topics including cell processes, classification, and genetics. We will be exploring these topics through readings and hands on experiences. 
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"We, the community of St. Mary Catholic School, will provide all children with a quality education, in which they will come to know, love and serve God."