St. Mary Catholic School

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Middle School Highlights


  • Deep analysis of scripture, Church history, sacraments, morality and prayer
  • Weekly Scripture and Mass reflections.
  • Intense reflection of personal faith journey and students’ role in our community.



  • Gradual mastery of the equation process (1-step, 2-step, etc.) as we work toward inequalities and functions.
  • Work with graphing in the areas of perimeter and volume.
  • Scaffolding of all math skills to be high school-ready.
  • Leveled math program



  • Deep study and practice of the scientific method.
  • Practical and hands-on experience completing experiments in lab setting.
  • Content area reading and note taking experience to highlight important facts.



  • Developmental study of words and their etymologies, root parts, definitions, and forms
  • Applied practice toward writing skills toward publication of narrative, argument, expository and research pieces.
  • Study of grammar skills as necessary to strengthen writing ability.



  • Collaboration amongst peers in literature circles for study and analysis of novels.
  • Responsive writing based on reading, discussion, and literary terminology.
  • Completion of multi-media projects showing comprehensive knowledge of story structure and content.


Social Studies:

  • United States History from the first Americans through modern times.
  • Global study of ancient civilizations up through early American history linking human interaction and historical significance to real world examples.
  • Instruction in content reading and note taking using technology and other “college and career ready” skills.


A Typical Day in Middle School

Students come prepared for the learning with the tools needed to succeed. The individual use of iPads in their daily studies allows students to grow in independence, organization, and knowledge. They work daily in multi-grade collaborative teams as well as independently. The middle school class schedule allows for rotation of classes based on subject. Each student also attends elective classes, such as Architecture, Creative Writing, Lego Robotics or Yearbook. Catholic values are infused in all areas of their daily life: social, spiritual, and academic.


Unique Opportunities for Middle School Students

  • Learning and strengthening the organizational skills needed for independent learning
  • Student mentoring of younger grades at church and in the classroom
  • Individual iPad use on a daily basis for all classes
  • Gradual prepping for high school and taking the high school placement test
  • Opportunity to become members of National Junior Honor Society
  • Strengthening personal independence and responsibility
  • Middle School team-building trip to Howell Outdoor Education Center
  • 7th grade class trip to Vocations Day at Sacred Heart Major Seminary
  • 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C.