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Volleyball General Information

CYO Volleyball is a Fall Sport for 5-8 grade girls.




  1. Official Rules: The rules of the CYO Volleyball League are those of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). It is imperative that each coach has a working knowledge of the NFHS and MHSAA rules in addition to those rules governing CYO Athletics. 

  2. Purpose of these Rules: CYO wishes to stress that scores are not to be run-up by winning teams, and also wishes to emphasize that coaches must make every effort to play as many team members as possible in a given match. 

  3. Team Minimum: A team must be able to field the minimum number of players (6) at match time or the match is forfeited. If a player is ejected, becomes ill or injured and is unable to finish the match, the team may finish the match with fewer players. 

  4. Match Time: Match time is forfeit time. If one team is not present and ready to play at the time that a contest is scheduled to begin, their opponent may accept a forfeit victory for that contest. Officials shall sign the score sheet to verify forfeit. No official is required to wait beyond the scheduled match time for a team. 

  5. Match Length: The best two (2) out of three (3) games with a three (3) game mandatory play constitutes a match. In the event that one team wins the first two (2) games all substitutes must be used in the third game. 

  6. Match Format: Rally scoring format will be used including let serve. With rally scoring, a ball contacting and crossing the net shall remain in play provided that the ball is entirely within the net antennas. 

  7. Termination of Game: The first two (2) games shall go to 25 points with a cap of 30 points and the third (3rd) game shall go to 15 points with a cap of 20 points. A team that has scored 25/15 points and is at least 2 points ahead is the winner. If the leading team does not have a 2 point advantage, play shall continue until one team has a 2 point advantage or cap point is reached. No time limit. No more than three (3) minutes between games. 

  8. Order of Play: The teams will toss a coin to determine order of play. 


A. Playing Court: Home team must provide a marked court free from obstructions with the following regulations: 

1. Net System/Supports: Must be secure and padded otherwise forfeiture may result. 

  1. Official's Platform: Must be stabilized and padded. 

  2. Net Height: 5/6th grade - 6 feet 6 inches, 7/8th grade - 7 feet 4 1/8 inches. 

  3. Serving Line: Shall be behind the end line and from sideline to sideline. 

  4. Service Area (5/6th Grade Only): Service line (tape, paint, etc.) parallel to and five (5) feet from the end line. The 5/6th grade service line shall be a different color than the endline. 

  1. Protective Equipment: Kneepads are recommended. 

  2. Regulation Ball: The National Federation volleyball specifications is an approved ball. 

  3. Uniform Numbers: Jersey or shirt must have numbers, even if only taped. 

  4. Team Rosters: Shall be submitted to the scorers’ table ten (10) minutes prior to the match. Line-ups shall be submitted two (2) minutes prior to the start of the first game and one (1) minute before each game thereafter. 


  1. Officials: CYO will assign Michigan High School Athletic Association registered officials for all matches. The home team is responsible for paying all officials prior to the start of the match. 

    One (1) official will be assigned for all matches. 

  2. Officials Not Present: In the event that the assigned officials are not present to officiate the match(es) the teams will have two (2) options: 

    1. Play the match with individuals they mutually agree to have officiate the match(es). If a mutual agreement is made to play, the contest(s) results will stand. 

    2. Re-schedule the match(es) with the CYO office after mutually agreeing on date(s) and time(s). 

  3. League Standings: The league standings will be computed on the basis of two (2) points for a win and zero (0) points for a loss. Non-league matches do not count in division standings. 

  4. Roster Limitations: There is no limit as to the number of players that a team may have. Additional players may be similarly registered (as per eligibility rules) at any time during the regular season. 

  5. Insurance: Secondary medical insurance is provided for participants for all athletics through the Michigan Catholic Conference. This coverage has some limitations and is secondary to parent's medical coverage. This coverage is in effect if the student has no medical coverage. 

    Information can be obtained through School Principals or Parish Pastors.


  1. 5/6th Grade: There are no play-offs for 5/6th grade teams. 

  2. 7/8th Grade: Teams must complete the regular CYO season schedule with a record of 500 or better. In the event that additional teams are needed, the CYO Athletic Department Director shall be empowered to invite teams into the play-off from divisions that are traditionally the strongest in the CYO Volleyball Program. 

  3. Play-Off Format: 

    1. Best two (2) out of three (3) games will constitute a match. If one team wins the first two (2) games, a third (3rd) game is not mandatory and should not be played unless needed. Play-offs are a one (1) match knockout format, only winners advance. 

    2. The first two (2) games shall go to 25 points with a cap of 30 points and the third (3rd) game shall go to 15 points with no cap. (In the third (3rd) game, if the leading team does not have a 2 point advantage after scoring 15 points, play shall continue until one team has a 2 point advantage.) 


Violations of CYO rules and regulations shall subject a member Parish/School to any or all, but not limited to, the following: censure, probation with competition, probation without competition, forfeiture, suspension, and expulsion.