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Pre-School » Tots Class Description

Tots Class Description




  • Gentle and loving first school experience for older 2’s and young 3’s
  • Focus on social-emotional and spiritual development with very gentle introduction to school readiness
  • Teacher to student ratio of 1:5
  • Classes offered Wed/Fri 8:00-10:00AM OR 10:15-12:15PM


Typical Tots Class schedule

8:00/10:15                             Arrival

Please have your child use the bathroom before entering the classroom.  Please walk your child into the classroom.
Children should hang up coats; take drink out of their bag and place in cubby. Sign your child in on the sign-in sheet. Children can pick a center to join.

8:00- 8:50/10:15 – 11:05      Learning Centers

Children choose from among these centers:

  • Block center
  • Dramatic play
  • Art table
  • Sensory table
  • Sand table
  • Activity table
  • Book corner


The teacher may also work with small groups of children on specific skills/activities at various centers, as well as having “floor time” with the children.

8:50-9:00/11:05 – 11:15      Clean Up Time

Children assist the teachers in putting materials away.

9:00-9:10/11:15 – 11:25      Bathroom Break

Toileting and hand washing

9:10-9:25/11:25 – 11:40      Snack Time

Children and teachers share a healthy snack and conversation.  Everyone assists in cleaning up.

9:25-9:30/11:40 – 11:45     Story Time

Teacher reads a story to the whole class.

9:30-9:50/11:45 – 12:05     Gross Motor Activities

Children play outdoors in fenced-in play yard, weather permitting.  If outdoor play     is not possible, children will use the indoor play equipment or participate in other   movement activities.

9:50-9:55/12:05 – 12:10     Religion

Teacher leads children in Bible story, songs and/or fingerplays.

9:55-10:00/12:10 – 12:15   Goodbye Meeting

Goodbye prayer and goodbye song

10:00/12:15                        Dismissal      

Please wait in the hallway outside the classroom.  Teachers will open the door and release children one at a time.