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3rd Grade » Third Grade Highlights

Third Grade Highlights

Third Grade Highlights


  • Attend mass weekly
  • Learn about Jesus
  • Sacraments of Christian Initiation and Healing
  • Talk about what it means to be Catholic and Apostolic
  • Strengthen students' prayer lives
  • Learn how to use our Catholic teachings in our everyday lives



  • Addition and subtraction of four digit numbers with regrouping
  • Basic multiplication and division
  • Problem solving strategies with all operations
  • Write, solve and evaluate expressions and equations
  • Fractions: unit fractions, part of a whole, part of a set, equivalent fractions and comparing fractions
  • Telling time to the minute and time intervals
  • Perimeter and area
  • Basic geometry skills



  • Investigation
  • Plants and Animals: Life Cycles, adaptation, traits
  • Ecosystems
  • Weather: Pattern, Climates, Natural Disaster
  • Force and Motion
  • Energy Transfer
  • STEM


Language Arts:

  • Start the year with guided reading groups (reading stories on students' reading level)
  • Several comprehension skills worked on throughout the year
  • Read Charlotte's Web together as a class
  • Learn to read and use all the comprehensive skills that go into nonfiction reading
  • Close reading skills developed
  • Work on fluency and decoding skills
  • Draft, revise, edit and write a complete piece of writing in the writing areas of personal narratives, expository writing, descriptive and persuasive writing
  • Cursive handwriting


Social Studies:

  • We study our wonderful state of Michigan. We talk about how Michigan was formed, the land and its native people, our struggles early on and how we became a state, how Michigan grew, our basic government and what Michigan is like today.
  • Throughout the year we use a variety of instructional methods that balance creative, hands on, paper pencil and technology activities to bring about excitement when learning about Michigan.

A Typical Day in 3rd Grade:Our morning consists of math, science or social studies and religion. We alternate between science and social studies units throughout the year. In the afternoon the third graders have their language arts block. Our language arts block includes reading, writing, English, spelling and handwriting. The students are actively engaged in several different types of activities throughout their day. We work extremely hard to give students hands on learning, technology, creative projects and assignments. Students work individually, in small groups, and as a class.

What is new in 3rd grade?

  • Students will receive letter grades.
  • Students can earn honor roll or principal honor roll based on their grades.
  • Parents will be able to go on Renweb and track their child's grades.