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Jenna Dewitt » Mrs. DeWitt's Bio

Mrs. DeWitt's Bio

Jenna DeWitt


 Library/Media Teacher




 -Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Elementary Education and

Language Arts from the University of Michigan




-Professional Teaching Certificate

 -Elementary Education: K-6 (All subjects) 7-8 (ELA)



 Teaching Experience

4th Grade Teacher- St Edith Catholic School, Livonia (7 years)

 St. Mary 2020




Personal Statement

                   My goal as a teacher is to create a comfortable, challenging, and

enjoyable learning environment for my students. I strive to get to know

 my students individually so I can better provide them with the resources

and skills they need to succeed. I believe it is important to help students take control of their own learning. I try to instill confidence in my students so they may feel comfortable asking questions, expressing their feelings, and offering alternative viewpoints. It is my job to make sure my students feel cared for, supported, and confident allowing us to begin learning and growing together, academically and spiritually.